The Four Pillars of PFA

Princeton Faith & Action (PFA) was founded in 2002 as a ministry of Christian Union. It all began with a small group of students who had a desire to develop their faith and a call to make an impact on the campus and on the world. PFA gained recognition as an official Princeton University student organization in 2005. Since then, God has grown the ministry dramatically. Over the course of the past decade, PFA has blossomed from just a few to nearly 400 undergraduate students who are plugged into Bible Courses and engage with our weekly activities. There is perhaps no more exciting time to be a Christian student studying at Princeton University!

In short, PFA is a Christian leadership development ministry seeking God on Princeton's campus. We grow in our faith together through weekly Bible courses, a gospel-influenced TruThursday series, a worship and lecture every Friday called Encounter, and other various outreach and social events. Read on to learn more about our pillars and how we approach our mission here on campus. 

Foundation of Prayer

PFA is a student group that is passionately committed to fervent, constant, and heartfelt prayer to God.  This grows out of a conviction that change and transformation only happen on our campus through God's power. Prayer is an expression of our dependence upon Him in everything; in prayer, we offer Him our worship, praise, and requests. Practically, this means that we gather together daily for prayer from 12-1 PM every weekday in Princeton’s Campus Club building.  We also take time for special and occasional prayer gatherings.

Priority of the Word

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God. So, we place a priority on teaching the Bible in various contexts in our ministry. This happens most regularly and intentionally in our weekly Bible Courses – gatherings of 8-12 students, which are led by our staff. These Bible Courses are intended to be intellectually rigorous times of study in Scripture, with an eye toward real-life application and humble response to God’s Word. We also seek to shape every aspect of our ministry according to what we find in the Bible.

Necessity of Leadership Development

We’re humbly aware that many Princeton students will go on to hold positions of influence in culture, government, politics, business, and education in the coming years. Because of this, our ministry values the developing of leaders who are distinctly Christ-centered in their approach to leadership, service, and their influence on others. We embrace the fact that we are a ministry that is significantly owned, directed, and organized by student leaders.  Our staff takes seriously their role to “coach” students, developing them as Christian leaders.

Beauty of Multi-Ethnic Gospel Community

PFA is joyfully and intentionally a very diverse community – culturally, ethnically, and socially. We embrace this, and see it as a beautiful (if incomplete) foretaste of the vision of Revelation 7, where John sees the multi-ethnic people of God gathered around the throne of Jesus, singing praises together to him because of his amazing grace and salvation. We embrace our diversity, in the midst of our fundamental unity in Jesus Christ – the only Lord and Savior of sinful people. PFA strives to better live out multi-ethnic community through its fellowship, community, relationships, worship, and leadership.