What is META?

META is a new initiative offered by PFA that exists to foster conversations on Christianity and culture. We will meet several times every semester to offer a space to engage a wide range of topics relevant to our cultural moment. Our hope is that these conversations will help students continue to develop a robust faith in Jesus Christ while also equipping them to share the gospel in a compelling way.

Schedule & Recommended Readings


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Spring 2017

  • 4/22/2017 -- META Seminar: IS MATH THE LANGUAGE OF GOD

    • Matt O'Rourke '17 will be leading a discussion on math and the Christian faith.

    • Readings:
















Fall 2016

  • 10/5/2016 -- META 1.0 - Introduction and Vision Casting

    • The inaugural META meeting will orient you to the new initiative. We'll explore the foundational Scripture passage (Romans 12:1-2); begin to discuss what culture is; why it's important for Christians to be intentionally and thoughtfully engaged in their culture; and suggest a model for how Christians can think about and interact with culture.

    • Readings: