Who Are You Following?

  •  Encounter welcomes brand-new Ministry Fellow Lane Young to the stage for his first talk at Princeton.  Come hear him give a challenging message about what it really looks like to follow Jesus – a huge theme in the Gospel of Mark, which we’re studying this semester in Bible courses.


Why Good News: Introduction

  • What about the gospel is most compelling to you? PFA Ministry Director Jon Nielson begins a series of talks discussing why the gospel is personally so compelling. He shares how the gospel takes people's natural state of constantly looking inwards and directs their gaze outwards, towards serving others.

Bored to Life: Secularism and its Malcontents

Do you ever feel like your life is missing something? Do all of your earthly accomplishments end up feeling like hurdles on an endless path? Princeton Ministry Fellow Scott Jones uses "Chandelier" by Sia to show how there is more to life than the pleasures of this world.